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We Import and distribute different kinds of raw food materials, The Companies That We Are Representing Are from Many Countries All Over the World, And We have Branches in many Countries.

Our main Office in in Damascus, Syria. We also have stores in Egypt and the UAE.

All of our products live up to the highest standards of food products, and come from the best suppliers around the world.


Fresh & Healthy

100% Halal


Coco Powder

Produces a wide range of cocoa powder in varying pH value, application and fat content.


Citric Acid

Citric Acid is mainly used as acidulant, flavoring agent, preservative and antistaling agent in food and beverage industry, it is also used as antioxidant, plasticizer and detergent in chemical, cosmetics and cleaning industries.


Edible Oils

Premium Cooking Oil specially formulated to provide a distinctive peanut aroma and is suitable for all types of cooking. It is RSPO MB cooking oil, naturally cholesterol free , trans fat free and contains Vitamin E.


wooden sticks

Wooden Ice Cream sticks, Coffee stirrers, art and Craft products . We are proud to be a leader in the market including Food service and Craft supply.


Milk Powder

milk powder consumer range provides a wide variety of options for meeting the needs of your consumers. Whether you are looking for superior performance, added fortification or lower cost options for markets where affordable nutrition is key.



bicarbonate, also known as baking soda or sodium hydrogenocarbonate, is a white basic mineral powder and is commonly used as an ingredient in the food market. Not a new ingredient to the industry, it is authorised and registered as a food ingredient with the reference E500ii in Europe.

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